Providing conscious leadership development programs for rapidly changing organizations.

Is Your Organization Navigating through Rapid Change? Innovation? Crisis?

Our team at Orca HR Solutions will support your leaders through the complexity and ambiguity of change with customized leadership development, coaching and training programs.

To deepen understanding of human behavior and its impact on workplace culture and performance, work with Orca HR Solutions. We’ll help you unlock the power of self-knowledge that will fuel your leaders’ journey through growth and transformation.


Leadership Development

Custom solutions to optimize the leadership capability of your organization.

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Uncover what motivates and engages individuals – what moves them to action. 

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Training & Facilitation

Build a strategic, adaptive organization with higher employee engagement.

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Using ORCA’s Four A’s Framework to Become a More Successful Leader

It's time to re-think leadership in our organizations.

That's why we've developed this actionable guide to Conscious Leadership so you can access a treasure trove of unrealized potential.

We know that when leaders are effective, our employee experience skyrockets and people stay for the long haul.

But to be an effective leader you must look inward. This guide breaks down steps in understanding your whole self: assessing strengths and weaknesses, taking action, learning, and repeating the process to ultimately become a better leader.


Heart-centered, research-backed

We center our work around the practice of emotional intelligence. Beyond analysis, creativity and decision-making, great leaders operate with a heightened awareness of self and others, enabling meaningful and effective communication.

We help leaders recognize their own motivations, reactions and behaviors and those of others so they can act with understanding and empathy.

Combining our human-centered approach with rigorous methodology, our HR consulting services are based on research from world-renowned organizational development more


Become More Self-Aware at Work with ORCA’s Free Engagement Report

Take this free assessment and receive a customized and shareable engagement report that increases self-awareness around communication and well-being at work.

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