ORCA’s Conscious Manager Academy©: From Individual Contributors to Effective Managers

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After years of delivering impactful leadership training, ORCA HR is now offering development, to not only executive leaders, but to front-line managers.

Leadership development looks different in the post-pandemic world, and so should manager development. That’s why we’ve worked with numerous clients to develop ORCA’s newest program, the Conscious Manager Academy©

Becoming a manager is a career change.

We often hear from our clients that they need their front-line managers to grow from individual contributors to effective managers. 

Yet, moving from an individual contributor to a manager is NOT a promotion, it is a career change. 

Transitioning to a managerial role means there is a significant shift in responsibilities, skill requirements, and mindset. Managers who aren’t supported with the proper training may face negative impacts on themselves, their team, and ultimately the organization they work for.

Managers agree they lack training, and on top of that, 44% feel overwhelmed at work.

Stress is only making the lack of management training worse.  Many are struggling with high levels of stress due to layoffs, increased responsibility, and lack of resources. This has resulted in high turnover.

It leads to a vicious cycle many leaders are familiar with:

A manager development program can help end this cycle.

To buy or to build a manager training program

Organizations can either buy an off-the-shelf manager training program or build a customized program from scratch. 

Buying an off-the-shelf program often lacks customization, while building a program from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming.

Our Conscious Manager Academy© is the best of both worlds. It is proven, customized, and flexible.

We understand that one-size-fits-all training programs often lack relevance and can be ineffective, so we work closely with our clients to develop customized solutions that address their specific challenges and opportunities.

ORCA HR Solutions Conscious Manager Academy©

With over 35 years of experience in high-growth organizations, ORCA’s Conscious Manager Academy© is a proven program that focuses on skills development, self-awareness, and stress management. 

How our program works:

We believe in programs for the whole person. That’s why we use various techniques and components such as insights, motivation, capability modules (skills development), real-world application, and accountability and support. Any of these program components alone are insufficient. All of them together are necessary.

  • Insights so that managers can understand what they need to work on. We do this through assessments, like DISC. This gives insight into, ‘how others see me and how I see myself.’
  • Identify their motivation to connect the program with their own motivations and challenges to ensure it reflects who they want to be. 
  • Our capability modules focus on various topics and use tools, frameworks, and concepts tailored to the individual. 
  • Real-world application is used so managers can practice what they are learning. 
  • Accountability and support improve performance through coaching, measuring success, mentorship, and manager alignment.

What will your managers learn?

Our skills development includes capability modules with various topics that can be customized to any organization. We break up our capability modules into three buckets: 

  1. Managing Self
  2. Managing Teams
  3. Managing Across the Enterprise.

A few of our top modules include:

  • Hiring great talent: Identify and attract top talent using behavioral interviewing techniques and best practices for supporting and retaining new hires.
  • Provide clear expectations and feedback: Expectation setting and feedback as tools for accountability, development, and growth. Managers learn how to provide clear and valuable feedback, build collaborative solutions, and influence positive change.
  • Develop others through coaching: Explores the benefits of coaching as a development tool and provides strategies for building strong coaching relationships, recognizing coaching moments, and leading peer-to-peer coaching circles.
  • Empower with one-on-one meetings: Covers the purpose of one-on-one conversations between managers and employees, best practices for preparing for these meetings, and how to use a conversational framework to empower employees.
  • Manage performance discussions: Covers types of performance discussions, preparing for performance reviews, effective review discussions, and steps of a performance improvement plan.
  • Align goals with strategy: Emphasizes the importance of aligning goals with company strategy, overcoming obstacles, and prioritizing mission-critical tasks for teams.
  • Build a motivational environment: Introduces the PERMAH framework, guidelines for recognition, and strategies for building psychological safety and inclusive team culture.
  • Practice relationship strategies that build trust: This module covers the challenges of remote teams, essential truths for remote leaders, and approaches for building trust in a remote environment
  • And more! Reach out if you’d like more information about additional modules.

A partner to count on.

We partner closely with clients undergoing the Conscious Manager Academy© program, focusing on three main areas: 

  1. Robust Program Design: We provide a comprehensive and well-structured program design to ensure maximum effectiveness and impact. This includes:
  2. Program Management: We assign a dedicated ORCA Program Manager to oversee the program’s implementation and success. They provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring smooth program execution. Program management includes:
  3. Co-Development: We believe in co-developing the program with our clients to ensure it meets their specific needs and aligns with their organizational goals. Co-development includes:

With 44% of managers feeling overwhelmed at work and 59% of employees lacking the skills mastery they need for their jobs, investing in our Conscious Manager Academy© can help organizations improve employee retention, productivity, and overall success.

Reach out to discuss how you, and your organization, can benefit from this program by contacting our team at experts@orcasolutions.com or visiting: https://www.orcahrsolutions.com/contact-us/.

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