Reduce Hiring Costs While Improving Person-Role Fit with ORCA’s SMARTHIRING©

In the competitive landscape of today's business world, organizations are constantly striving to find the perfect match between candidates and job requirements.

The ideal employee possesses the right skills, fits seamlessly into the company culture, and aligns with the core values of the organization. After all, a well-suited hire can drive performance and growth, while the wrong choice can cost precious time, money, and team morale.

According to The Fordyce Letter, key executive vacancies alone can incur costs exceeding $50,000 per day. In response to these challenges, ORCA HR Solutions presents SMARTHIRING© – a groundbreaking science-based framework designed to transform your recruitment process and optimize your hiring outcomes.

What is SMARTHIRING© and What Does It Entail?

SMARTHIRING© is more than just a program; it’s a comprehensive strategy that combines objective methodologies with science-based tools to ensure your hiring decisions are grounded in data-driven insights. It’s about finding the perfect fit, not just for the role but also for your organization’s unique values and culture. Through SMARTHIRING©, HR leaders, recruiting teams, sales managers, and CEOs gain access to a powerful toolkit that assists in making well-informed decisions, ultimately leading to enhanced company performance.

In the following video, Paul O’Beirne, CEO of ORCA HR Solutions, delves into the challenges faced by HR leaders and managers when seeking to hire the perfect candidates. Dive into the practical approach that transforms this framework into a prudent investment with substantial returns. Explore the realm of SMARTHIRING© and uncover how this scientifically grounded strategy can reshape your recruitment landscape, bringing a fundamental shift to your organization’s hiring decisions.

How Companies Are Using The Program And Which Roles Benefits the Most

The SMARTHIRING© approach is versatile and applicable to companies of various sizes. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation, this program can elevate your recruitment game. While SMARTHIRING© can be tailored to various roles, organizations that employ sales and service-based individuals have shown the greatest potential for reaping its benefits. By combining science with strategy, SMARTHIRING© is particularly effective in roles where a candidate’s behavioral alignment, skills, and acumen are crucial to success.

Benefits of SMARTHIRING©

Embracing SMARTHIRING© comes with a host of advantages that can reshape the way you hire:


      Precision Matching: SMARTHIRING© ensures a strong alignment between candidates and job requirements, reducing the risk of mismatches.

      Custom Benchmarks: Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, SMARTHIRING© crafts a unique benchmark tailored to your specific organizational needs and culture.

      Reduced Turnover: By identifying the best-suited candidates, SMARTHIRING© contributes to a higher retention rate, saving your organization time and resources.

      Enhanced Collaboration: A collaboration meeting assists in fostering effective communication between new hires and managers, setting the stage for successful onboarding.

      Strategic Advantage: SMARTHIRING© equips your organization with the tools to make hiring decisions that provide a competitive edge.


At the heart of SMARTHIRING© lies a structured process that guarantees holistic evaluation:

  1. Job Profile: ORCA collaborates with clients to define the role’s key accountabilities, success metrics, and high-performance expectations. Ensuring alignment among key stakeholders, this step lays the foundation for success.
  2. Job Assessment: A comprehensive blueprint is created, analyzing behaviors, motivators, competencies, and acumen essential for the role. This goes beyond a mere candidate qualification – it’s about understanding what your business truly needs.
  3. Hiring: Using the job profile and blueprint, SMARTHIRING© evaluates individual applicants, focusing on holistic compatibility rather than a narrow checklist.
  4. Gap Analysis: By comparing candidates’ profiles with job requirements, SMARTHIRING© identifies any gaps and provides insights for informed decisions.
  5. Onboarding: A collaboration meeting report facilitates effective communication between new hires and managers by highlighting predominant behaviors, motivators, and skills for proactive interactions.


The driving force behind SMARTHIRING© is ORCA HR Solutions’ dedication to enhancing hiring outcomes. By incorporating objective methodologies and science-based tools, SMARTHIRING© offers a systematic approach to address the challenges organizations face during recruitment. It’s not just about making hires – it’s about making the right hires that align with your organization’s vision and goals.

Elevate your hiring decisions with SMARTHIRING© – the science-backed strategy that transforms recruitment, aligns candidates with company culture, and propels your organization toward success. 


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