Increase Engagement with a Shareable Do’s and Don’ts Communication Report

This customized report increases employee engagement, communication and well-being at work


Did you know the risk of employee burnout is not just about working long hours? When employees are inspired, motivated, and supported, they do more work with less stress.1 

Could your employees use a reboot?

To boost employee wellness and engagement, ORCA HR Solutions is providing a free online assessment, through TTI, which produces a customized communication engagement report that can be used by employees and shared with their managers. This 4-page report is a sample of TTI Success Insights larger Engagement Report.

What’s Included in the Report?

  • Getting to Know the “How”: How does your employee best solve conflicts, communicate and work remotely?
  • Getting to Know the “Why”: What does your employee value that keeps them motivated and engaged?
  • How (and How Not) to Communicate: The do’s and don’ts of how to talk with your employee in order to have the most effective conversations.

How To Get The Report?

  • Enter your information and you will be taken to the assessment on TTI’s website.
  • Take the 15-minute assessment and a report will be emailed to you directly.
  • Share your report and the assessment link with your leaders, teams and employees. Contact us to get your complete Engagement Report.

What will we do with your information?

The only information ORCA HR Solutions uses is your email address and name. All information filled out in the TTI assessment is private and will NOT be used by our team. After receiving your report, we will personally reach out to provide assistance in better understanding your report and how to best share it with your team. You will also be added to the Leadership Tips e-newsletter.

Take this 15-minute assessment to get your customized engagement report and see how it can help you and your employees.

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1 According to Gallup’s Workplace Insights article.