Asli Aker


Asli Aker is a Global Leadership & Organizational Development Expert and a Professional Certified Coach based in Seattle, WA. She works with visionary leaders who desire to have a high impact to help them take on mission-critical challenges, lead with the whole system in mind, and remain authentic along the way.

Asli takes a direct yet encouraging approach to support leaders as they take conscious action and push themselves forward while holding them accountable to their project vision and teams. Asli’s clients develop key skills such as influence, presence, organizational and relationship dynamics, and communication.

Working with startups, nonprofits, and in corporate environments, Asli brings her transformation experience, talent management, and strategy execution to organizations of every size. She specializes in helping organizations scale while supporting culture and strategy changes, and balances systems and individual work to encourage innovation and competitive edge.

Asli is a true world citizen who brings her experience living and working in the U.S., Singapore, United Kingdom, Austria, Dubai, and Turkey to her global clientele. She specializes in working with diverse individuals and teams, and she understands the creative capacity that comes with broader participation.

Asli holds a BSc. in Public Administration & Political Science and an M.A. in Human Resources. She is also certified in various assessment tools such as Leadership Profile Circle, Hogan, Energy Leadership Index, Strengths Finder, Emotional Intelligence, and Total SDI. She is also certified in practicing Polarity Management and Participative Decision Making.

Professional Background
With over 20 years of experience facilitating leadership events and professional workshops, Asli is a skilled consultant who specializes in leading effective strategy sessions. She is one of the core members of Awakening Humanity at Work, a leadership training held in collaboration with Stanford University CCARE and the Whirling Chief Platform. Her signature, customizable workshop series, The Power of Being at Choice, develops awareness for the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Prior to founding her coaching and consulting company, Niches, in 2013, Asli worked for Microsoft in a variety of global roles. These included her work as the Leadership and Organization Director for the Chief Strategy & Research Officer, as well as her role as the People & Organization Capability Consultant for the Bill Gates Groups when she supported the team through their transition into the Microsoft parent company.

Before Microsoft, Asli worked as the Operations Director for C1ME, a U.S. startup in Dubai. She was also brought in as the Managing Consultant in Istanbul to help launch the Consulting Division of Nicholson International a UKbased people consulting firm and HR Consultant for Boyner.