We work with individuals, teams and organizations in creating their desirable future by understanding what is getting in the way of maximizing their potential for success.

Our assessment solutions provide clients with measurable results across a broad range of HR activities, including talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention, individual and team effectiveness, customer service, sales effectiveness, diversity and conflict resolution.

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Through the use of our comprehensive assessments and insights, we enable individuals, teams and organizations to realize their potential thus becoming more effective.


Our assessments bring awareness to your individual strengths and challenges, allowing for better decision making and improved communication in your work and personal life.


Collaboration reports allow teams to become more effective by understanding others and appreciating their diversity, leading to a stronger sense of engagement and improved results.


Our diagnostic tools offer organizations the ability to understand  the hidden factors impacting growth and  effectiveness.

ORCA Assessments 

We offer workshops and certifications for companies interested in these assessments.

We also utilize these assessments in our 1:1 coaching engagements. 

We specialize in TTI Success Insights Assessments and Certifications
DISC (Behaviors)

Measured in four proportions (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance), Behaviors/DISC reveal how an individual will perform, including how they prefer to communicate, what he or she will bring to a team, his or her ideal environment and possible limitations he or she may face.

Our behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

TTI Success Insights’ assessments measuring Behaviors/DISC examine an individual’s dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance, revealing the ways in which one responds to the following:

  • Problems and Challenges

  • Influencing Others

  • Pace of Environment

  • Rules and Procedures

Driving Forces (Motivators)

Driving Forces uncovers what motivates and engages an individual in work and in life. 


At the core of 12 Driving Forces are 6 motivators, rooted in Eduard Spranger’s esteemed research from 1928. Backed by decades of research, TTI Success Insights reveals 12 Driving Forces that uniquely define what sparks movement and ambition in each of us.

Just as TTI Success Insights' behavioral (or DISC) assessments help tell us how people behave and perform in a work environment, our 12 Driving Forces™ assessment reveals why they do what they do and what impacts their decision-making.  TTI Success Insights’ assessments measuring 12 Driving Forces examine the relative prominence of the following:

  • Instinctive/Intellectual (Knowledge)

  • Selfless/Resourceful (Utility)

  • Objective/Harmonious (Surroundings)

  • Intentional/Altruistic (Others)

  • Collaborative/Commanding (Power)

  • Receptive/Structured (Methodologies)


The Acumen Capacity Index Report is designed to help an individual truly understand themselves, how they analyze and interpret their experiences. 

A person's acumen, keenness and depth of perception or discernment, is directly related to their level of performance. The stronger a person's acumen, the more aware they are of their reality in both their external and internal world.

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Competency reports help individuals, team and organizations understand areas of strength and development in the context of their role and current job requirements.

Emotional Intelligence

The Emotional Quotient™ (EQ) report looks at a person's emotional intelligence, which is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity.


The report was designed to provide insight into two broad areas: Self and Others.

Research shows that successful leaders and superior performers have well-developed emotional intelligence skills. This makes it possible for them to work well with a wide variety of people and to respond effectively to the rapidly changing conditions in the business world.

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Build, retain and engage high performing teams by combining the powers of DISC and Driving Forces for Teams. 


Create a level of team awareness which enhances the interpersonal dynamics between the people in your organization and enables your leaders to take specific, targeted actions to address strengths and gaps.


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We partner with DeriveOne to use the insight of assessments and power of analytics to improve organizational decision making.

Try our complimentary DISC behavioral assessment.
Conversational Intelligence: “Changing the culture one conversation at a time” (Judith Glasser).

A seemingly simple act such as talking with a colleague—a small momentary exchange of words in a hallway—has the ability to alter someone’s life permanently. There is little connection between the time it takes to say the words and the impact they may have on a person, a relationship, or within an organization. Conversations carry meaning that becomes more embedded in the listener than the speaker. We communicate with each other through conversations; we connect to others through conversations.


Conversational Intelligence is the intelligence hardwired into every human being to enable us to navigate successfully with others. Through language and conversations, we learn to build trust, to bond, to grow, and build partnerships with each other to create and transform our societies. There is no more powerful skill hardwired into every human being than the wisdom of conversations.

At ORCA we are certified and partner with CreatingWE on assessments which give unique insight into engagement patterns for individuals, team, and organizations.

The Conversational (C-IQ) Catalyst

The Conversational (C-IQ) Catalyst is a fascinating, easy to use tool that has incredibly insightful results. Individuals and teams can use this “quick study” tool to see the patterns of conversational impact and engagement that we exercise as we interact with others.


This tool works with thousands of people in an organization and provides a cultural imprint of how people at work engage with each other.

The C-IQ  Trust Assessment

Our TRUST Catalyst Tool is an easy to use tool that offers incredibly insightful results. The ability to work together interdependently is one of our least developed skills, yet our most vital on an evolutionary scale.


This tool provides you with a snapshot of behaviors and conversations that are driving trust or eroding trust in your workplace. This tool can be used with a few people or with thousands of people to determine what actions you can take to elevate TRUST at work. The TRUST Catalyst measures the level of the five dimensions vital for any thriving team/organization: Transparency, Relationship, Understanding, Shared Success, Testing Assumptions and Telling
the Truth.

Creating We DNA - for organizations

Our CreatingWE DNA Catalyst Tool measures individual, team and organization’s Conversational Intelligence and readiness for change through the lenses of culture, relationships, and conversations. There are seven dimensions, which are described through the acronym CHANGES, overviewed below.


The CreatingWE Index highlights the conversational competencies that are needed to cultivate a nourishing, thriving WE-centric conversational environment during change – a vital step on your journey toward greatness!


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