Case Studies

Here are some highlights of our success stories.

PROJECT 1 –  Cultural Transformation

Premera Blue Cross, Tom Messick – VP Operations


Tom requested Paul facilitate a training program with his team around new values that Premera was integrating into the organization (customer experience, passion for the customer and servant leadership).  Paul held a two-day conference around these topics, to include breakout sessions around collaboration and brainstorming.  They worked on integrating these new values to create a new culture within the org – empathy, awareness and listening skills were highlighted throughout the training.


PROJECT 2 – Team Building

Goodway Group, Brody O’Harran – EVP Sales

Brody was new in his leadership position and was trying to build cohesiveness within his extremely siloed team when he asked Paul to help them work on their trust issues. Paul facilitated a team retreat to have an open and transparent discussion with the team members.  After the retreat they began working in cross-group collaborative teams across the entire organization, not just in their sales division.  Orca also recommended a sales leadership program where we began coaching 12 individual leaders over for 6-12 month engagements, 4 of which lead to their own team building workshops within their smaller divisions.



PROJECT 3 – Executive Coaching

DocuSign, Michael Erisman – Leader, Global HR 

Tom requested Paul facilitate a training program with his team around new values that Pr...


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