A Guide to Conscious Leadership

Using ORCA’s Four A’s Framework to Become a More Successful Leader
It’s time to re-think leadership in our organizations. That’s why we’ve developed this actionable guide to Conscious Leadership so you can access a treasure trove of unrealized potential. 
A guide to conscious leadership for tech orgs

We know that when leaders are effective, our employee experience skyrockets and people stay for the long haul. 

But to be an effective leader you must look inward.

This guide breaks down steps in understanding your whole self: assessing strengths and weaknesses, taking action, learning, and repeating the process to ultimately become a better leader.

Conscious leadership is about tapping into the stories, beliefs, internal assumptions, fears and triggers that make you who you are, and applying that knowledge and experience to making stronger leadership decisions.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What the Conscious Leadership Framework is and how to use it
  • How the Four A’s (Awareness, Acknowledgement, Action, and Adaptation) can help you become a better leader
  • 4 ways to increase self-awareness in order to be more ‘in-tune’ with yourself in relation to others
  • 4 tips to help you acknowledge the areas where you may need more help
  • 5 steps toward more effective action
  • 5 ways to adapt in a changing environment

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1 According to Gallup’s Workplace Insights article.