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We work with CEOs and leaders to build sustainable, adaptive organizations. We believe in empowering the people in these organizations.

We design and facilitate strategic alignment processes and work with business leaders to create more effective organizations. 

Client outcomes include: 

  • Alignment of Strategic Goals to Operational Excellence 

  • A Consistent Initiative Success Rate 

  • Higher Employee Engagement with Greater Transparency 

  • Real-Time Data to Inform Decision Making 

  • Ability to Track and Communicate Initiative Metrics and Status 

What principals and beliefs guide your organization and define your company culture?

What steps can you take to clarify your vision and align it with your mission and values?

Why is this important for your organization’s health?

Creating your Desirable Future is a program about engaging groups to come together and agree on what they want to achieve. They also decide how they will work together to do this.

You want your people to align on common goals and mutual accountabilities, holding them responsible for and invested in business outcomes and overall success.

We do this by defining a future state. Then, participants focus on what they have successfully achieved in the past and work together to decipher holistically what can move them to that future plan.  


We integrate individual and team assessments in helping these team members understand self and others to create a more cohesive environment, open communication and connectedness. 

We utilize a key accountability framework to ensure responsibility of moving these actions forward.

“In order to predict the future, we must create it together.”  – Paul O'Beirne

Are you proactive on your growth strategy?

“You will either step forward into growth or you will step back into safety”

– Abraham Maslow

ORCA can identify growth issues BEFORE they occur, allowing CEOs to focus on the right things at the right time.  Through our innovative X-Ray diagnostic, we help your company’s senior management team better understand company dynamics shaping their ability to successfully manage growth. 

7 Stages of Growth

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Through the 7 Stages of Growth framework we assist CEOs and their leadership team to:  

  • Uncover the ‘hidden agents’ that are creating obstacles to a company’s growth.

  • Develop a plan to address the issues that are impacting your company’s effectiveness.

  • Illuminate “flood zones” and “wind tunnels” which are key challenges for organizations as they grow.

  • Identify (company’s) TOP 6-8 Initiatives that will have the most positive impact on growth opportunities.

  • Align the leadership team to focus on and eliminate the most critical issues.

  • Model for growth that improves chance of success.

Finding optimal solutions that solve complex problems can be difficult, even for seasoned business leaders.

This is because organizational problems have several stakeholders, endless variables, and a myriad of possible solutions. It’s hard enough figuring out where to start. Coming up with the perfect, mutually-beneficial solution is even harder. 

Embedded Knowledge

In partnership with Embedded Knowledge, we work with organizations in the design and implementation of sustainable solutions for complex problems. Our aim is to look after all stakeholders’ motivations while still designing a solution that will bring tangible results. 

Specifically, the Embedded Knowledge framework supports leaders in their ability to implement their I.D.E.A.S. framework:

IDENTIFY the essential problem and prioritize your actions to solve it.


DESIGN solution options aligned to your goals.


ENGAGE your stakeholders in the solution and influence the decision-making process.


ACT on the agreed-upon recommendations and execute your governance model.


SUSTAIN the implemented solution by creating a feedback loop. 

Creating Your Desirable Future for Your Organization 

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