Challenges of Growth

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  • 27 Key Challenges Growth Companies Currently Facing

    Research uncovered 27 challenges that growing companies are currently facing. The importance is the fact that these 27 challenges are identified with names attached to address:

    • Culture resistant to change
    • Difficulty diagnosing problems
    • Organization uninformed about growth

    When Business leaders struggle to identify the most critical challenges, which then turn into hidden agents that cause chaos. Now there is a tool to help a CEO identify issues by name and understand which ones deserve attention in every stage of a company’s growth.

    Review the list of 27 challenges below and in order of priority identify the top five challenges your company is facing today. Additionally, identify the ones that are the top five strength for your company today. Select the corresponding item number in the drop-down menu keeping in mind the order of priority of each selected challenge or strength.

  • List of 27 Challenges

    1. Profits are inadequate to grow the company
    2. Need for an improved business/profit design
    3. Customers are migrating away from your product/services
    4. Continual cash flow challenges
    5. Limited capital to grow
    6. Employee turnover
    7. Hiring quality staff
    8. Staff morale and voltage challenges
    9. Need for a flexible planning model
    10. Need to have better staff buy-in
    11. Project management & resource coordination challenges
    12. Leadership/staff communication gap
    13. New staff orientation
    14. Staff training
    15. Unclear values throughout the organization
    16. Dealing with the cost of lost expertise or knowledge when employees leave
    17. Chaotic periods destabilize the company
    18. Organization needs to understand how the company will grow in the future
    19. Organization needs to understand the impact that staff satisfaction has on the company’s profitability
    20. Company culture is generally resistant to change
    21. The marketplace and your customers change too quickly
    22. Difficulty forecasting problem areas before they surface
    23. Difficulty diagnosing the real problems or obstacles to growth
    24. Too slow getting new products/services to market
    25. Not able to quickly get systems and procedures in place as the company is growing
    26. Weak product/service development & differentiation in the market
    27. Challenge expanding sales

  • Top Five Challenges

  • Top Five Strengths