Sherry Johnson Metz

ORCA Coach & Facilitator

Sherry Johnson Metz is a strategic learning partner who knows how to amplify learning that delivers more value. She puts on-the-job experience at the center of development efforts so that leaders and teams are primed and prepared to handle complex challenges and advance business goals. Renowned for her ability to pinpoint practical and simple ways leaders and teams can make the most of their workplace learning, Sherry works as a learning architect to make experience-driven development intentional. She is also exceptional at facilitating engaging learning sessions that are productive, practical and fun. Sherry collaborates with her clients to develop results-oriented training programs and kick-start dynamic, comprehensive learning experiences, by integrating in-person, instructor-led virtual, and action learning curriculum design expertise. Sherry enjoys working with many industries, partnering with ease and integrity, with people at all levels, within high-tech, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical companies, such as Tenable, Lutron, Navy Federal, Novartis, Savers, Grainger, and Genentech, and non-profits, such as Seattle Public Schools.

With a background in marketing, sales, HR, and organization development, prior to launching her own consulting practice in 2008, Sherry worked for over 20 years at SC Johnson, a values-driven, privately-owned, consumer goods company with a small-town headquarters and international scope. As the Director of Global Leadership Development, her team designed and implemented learning solutions to build leadership capabilities globally.

After living in Arizona as a high school and college student and surviving over 20 years of Wisconsin winters in Milwaukee, Sherry and her husband enjoy living in the beautiful Northwest (near Seattle, Washington), exploring new cuisines, hiking, and planning their next trips to see their two grown children. Her love of books now includes podcasts.

Academic Background
A summa cum laude graduate of Arizona State University, Sherry holds a B.S. in Marketing. She earned her MBA from Marquette University, with a concentration in organizational design and international business.

Virtual Facilitator Master Trainer (NetSpeed Learning Solutions); High Impact Learning; Success Case Method (Brinkerhoff; Langevin);  The First 90 Days®; DDI Interaction Management®; Team Effectiveness Coach – Team Elements™; Certified Professional Coach (Center for Coaching); numerous assessment and insights tools, e.g., DISC, Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, 360-degree PROFILOR®.