ORCA’s Smart Hiring methodology 

guides your hiring team through a comprehensive position benchmarking process.

Through this process we work with you to identify objective decision-making criteria, and ultimately eliminate common biases associated with the hiring process. 

Our robust Smart Hiring framework can help you increase employee engagement, performance and retention while significantly reducing your cost of turnover.

How much is turnover really costing in your organization?  

The cost of poor hiring and its associated turnover can be significant. Making smarter hiring decisions and improving your company’s retention will add material value to  your  bottom line. 

Download the Smart Hiring Turnover Calculator to find out.

Smart Hiring


Our approach to Smart Hiring is both holistic and comprehensive.

Smart Hiring uses TTI Success Insights patented benchmarking process.

Before recruitment processes begin, we use validated tools and assessments, along with your subject matter experts to ensure there is alignment on the key accountabilities for your job. We work with you to identify ideal competencies, behaviors and motivators so we can develop a unique job benchmark for the role. This is completely customizable for each role and organization.


Once we have established a benchmark for the position, we are then able to assess each of your shortlisted candidates against this benchmark, identify gaps and clearly see those with the best fit for the role.


Our Smart Hiring process can also help to accelerate and improve your new hire onboarding process. Utilizing additional reports such as Gap Analysis and Coaching, we can work with hiring managers and employees to uncover blind spots and develop personal coaching plans for your new hires.

*Smart Hiring and TTI’s Benchmarking process is EEOC compliant. 

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