Our team building workshops and engagements focus on improving team productivity and effectiveness.
We work with world class partners to bring our clients the best tools and frameworks for engaging teams in creating their own desirable future.
ORCA Team Development Workshops are very interactive, impactful and provide teams with the data, insights and way forward to drive their own effectiveness.
Let's discuss the best assessment tools and workshop format for your team.
Utilizing a variety of team assessment tools, we are able to gather not only individual assessment information, but also analyze and present team reports, which illustrate the critical role each person plays in the overall team dynamic.  
Whether a small or large group, your team members will gain a better understanding of their personal assessment profile and their team’s. In exploring their own as well as other team member’s behavioral styles, both strengths and weaknesses, teams are able to better appreciate their diversity, and develop strategies to meet the demands of specific environments and challenges.
We recognize that the success of your organization depends largely on the ability of individuals to build effective teams.

Working Better Together as a Team

TTI Success Insights

We design customized engagements and workshops for teams using TTI’s scientifically validated assessment tools.
These powerful assessments allow us to gather not only individual assessment information, but also analyze and present team reports. We can analyze the behaviors, motivators and competencies within a team and highlight the critical role each person plays in the overall team dynamic. These insights allow us to address how teams can best work together and improve their overall effectiveness.
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We provide follow up support for clients by providing new reports and insight as new member join or leave the team.
Team Elements – Unlock the Power of Teams
Optimize the impact of your Team. Discover the qualities that hold it back and position it for success.
Team Elements enables any Team to accelerate its effectiveness. Our robust yet practical approach combines research-based tools and skilled facilitation to deliver measurable improvement. ORCA are certified partners with Team Elements.
Our Team Elements approach helps Teams:
  • Own how they will improve their effectiveness.
  • Engage in a dialogue by the Team, about the Team.
  • Choose where to target their limited time and resources.
  • Generate data-driven insights and targeted action plans for improvement.
  • Create a shared vision and track tangible progress over time.
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Intuitive Model
  • Focuses on the collective vs. the individual
  • Systems-based design explores linkages
  • Research-based model: 4 Lenses / 16 Element
Survey App
  • Secure, easy access from any device; < 5 mins
  • Select “Top 6” Elements (Strength or Opportunity)
  • Ability to repeat survey to assess changes
  • Provides platform for meaningful dialogue
  • Yields consensus on significant insights
  • Mobilizes team around pragmatic, priority actions
Masterful Facilitation
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Lencioni Teamwork: 
Five Dysfunctions of a Team
The model has proven effective for organizations of all sizes — from start-ups to mid-market businesses and Fortune 100 companies.
We partner with Patrick Lencioni Table Group, to bring you the “Five Dysfunctions of a Team which has become the world's most definitive source on practical information for building teams.

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