Our workshops and retreats offer hands-on, face to face learning time with our consultants in numerous areas of leadership and organizational development. 

From individual and team effectiveness, to company-wide growth and strategy alignment, we offer custom workshops designed with a holistic approach in mind to meet your business’ needs.  

Understanding Self and Others

This workshop reveals and harnesses the unique talents and skills which all people possess but are often unaware of. Dive deep into the world of DISC, Driving Forces, Competencies, EQ and Acumen using science-based assessments. Put into place a system to engage your people and advance your top performers, empowering them to lead others.

Working Together Better as a Team

Team building workshops enhance the interpersonal dynamics between people in an organization and bring awareness to the makeup of your team. Work together to create your desirable future as a high functioning team and improve communication, utilizing such assessments as Team DISC, Team Driving Forces and 1:1 comparison report.

Creating Your Desirable Future

Optimize interpersonal dynamics and define your organization’s strategy for success, aligning vision, mission and values. Clarify the resources to and create an action plan to execute, holding team members and leaders accountable for solving challenges and obtaining results.

Understand your ability to sense and regulate self and social situations that enable high levels of collaboration and productivity.  Improve your communication with others and enhance the quality of your relationships and organizational culture. 

Emotional Intelligence and Improved Conversations

Understanding Self and Others

Working Better Together as a Team

Creating Your Desirable Future


Emotional Intelligence and Improved Conversations

TTI Client Certifications

Elevating for Good

Our Workshops

Elevate Yourself for Good* (Open DISC Workshop)

Join one of our open DISC workshops held locally in the Seattle area or virtually around the world. 


Spend a morning or afternoon with ORCA, learning the power of assessments in understanding yourself and others, your hidden strengths and unique skills.  Realize your potential and learn more about what ORCA has to offer for individuals, teams and organizations.

*A percentage of open workshop proceeds will be donated to one or more of the charitable organizations we support.

TTI Certification

Certify yourself and your team members in the TTI Suite of Assessments including DISC, Driving Forces and EQ. Instill long-term effects in your organization such as your capacity to teach, train and hire effectively.

Improve communication with your team members, increase engagement and productivity, and reduce turnover with the tools and training provided by ORCA, in partnership with TTI Success Insights.


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